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  Paul  Samuelson
Nobel Prize in Economics 1970
     The Wall Street Journal, Oct 19, 1988        
" Allais is a fountain of original and independant discovery. Had his earliest writings been in English, a generation of economic theory would have taken a different course".


Professeur Assar Lindbeck
President of  Nobel   Committee for Prize in Economics
      The Washington Post, Oct 19, 1988      
Allais " is the most prominent figure in modern economic research in France as regards basic theory and applications to public-sector planning" ....

....  He is a giant in economic theoretical analysis ...

.... He's been under consideration for a long time.  [...] It took a long time to investigate him because of the great volume and complexity of his works".


        Japan Times, Oct 19, 1988    
[ His basic research ] "has had a farereaching indirect impact through younger French economists who have been strongly influenced by his work," ...

" There was total unity in the committee and great enthusiasm over the choice," ....


          Herald Tribune, Oct 19, 1988    
"Mr Allais work, especially two massive tracts published in 1943 and 1947, is "parallel" to research published about same time by Mr Samuelson and Sir John Hicks,"....

"Mr Allais research into state monopolies was still relevant, despite the recent trend toward privatizing state-owned companies, particularly in France and Britain."....

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