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We have only mentioned here the 90 most important works of Maurice Allais. There are others. To facilitate the reading, these publications have been classed into categories of which we give hereunder the synopsis.  Each heading can be directly reached by clicking upon.

Most of these works have been published with Editions Clément Juglar, 62 Avenue de Suffren, 75015 PARIS and can be bought in line at


The back cover of several books can be read when clicking upon  &


Fundamental Economy
- Theory of Economical dynamics, of maximum efficiency and of the basis of economical calculations
- Theory of   intertemporal processus  and of a maximal capitalistic structure
- Theory of random choices
- Theory of money, credit, and monetary dynamics
- Theory  of probabilities, analysis of temporal series  and of their exogenic components
Applied Economy
- Economical Management and Development
- Repartition of incomes and tax system
- Monetary politics
- International Exchanges and Economical development
- International monetary System
- European Integration
- Economy of energy
- Economy of transportation
- Economy of   mining research
- Scientific Research, méthodology and  teaching
- Sociology and   politic science
- Political works
Theoretical and applied Physics
- Gravitation Laws
- Overview on   scientific Works
Academic Works
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