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  4. The theory of currency, of the credit, and of monetary dynamics .
      It cannot be neither effectiveness of the economy, nor equity of the distribution of the incomes in one economy monetarily unstable. The model suggested by Maurice Allais is based on one fundamental equation of monetary dynamics that he exposes in two reports of 1954: The countable Bases of Macroeconomic - Countable Equations between total quantities and their Applications,  and of 1955:  Explication of the economic Cycles by a nonlinear model with delayed Regulation.  This theory received quite remarkable empirical confirmations.


  5.  The theory of probabilities, and the analyze of  temporal series and of their exogenic components
     The concepts of Maurice Allais in this field, were the subject of conferences, communications or articles in various publications. He's led to state a new theorem : le T Theorem, according to which successive values of an almost periodical function  are distributed according to the normal law.


     To conclude this report, one can say that the work of Maurice Allais is so considerable that the few lines which precede can give of it only one very incomplete idea, simplified with excess and very imparfaite.
    It is certain that Maurice Allais gave to Economic Sciences a new rigour and has opened new approaches of exceptional interest.


  Return homepage    One knows the proverb: "Nobody is a prophet in his contry" . It is alas confirmed with Maurice Allais. Maurice Allais is more known in the U.S.A. than in France !..  Many others before him were found in the same situation and had to battle to make triumph theirs ideas. Let us point out Copernic, Galileo, Abel, Galois, Pasteur, Wegener, and many others. In economy, one needed 75 years so that Walras is translated into English, and 60 years for Pareto.   It is much so easier and more convenient to follow the generally accepted ideas, without putting disturbing questions!.. The honor and merit of these pioneers precisely was to put the disturbing questions which make  the science  further and all,  finally, have had their merits recognized.   Let us return thanks to the Royal Academy of Sweden which has an exceptional talent to discover the hidden merits.
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