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Writers : Jean-Pierre Bouyssonnie   and   Henry Aujard

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These figures were explained as only a simple error of observation, or as being caused by differences in ambiant temperatures.

This quasi-uncertainty allowed Einstein to present his famous report on the Theory of Relativity, and the basis of the hypothesis of the constancy of the velocity of light  and the denial of  the existence of an ether.

However, it should be noted that after the new experiments of Miller, Einstein wrote in a supplement of the Review Sciences in 1925 : "If the observations of Dr. Miller are confirmed, the Theory of Relativity should be at fault.   Experiment is the only judge ".

        2.2.4    Professor Allais, after having terminated his optical experiments of sightings on sighting-marks, which confirmed the difference in velocity, then undertook a statistical study of the important  work of Miller.

It appeared  that the observations of Miller were much richer than had been estimated at the time of their publication, when they had gone almost unnoticed.

That's what brought Professor Allais to issue two important notes  on this subject. These notes were finally published by the French Academy of Sciences, after two years of long discussions.

These two notes prove - in all cases - that the results of Miller's experiments are positive and absolutely cannot  be explained as some alterations caused by variations of temperature.


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