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  Writer :  Michel Gendrot.    

Maurice Allais comes from a modest family : father shopkeeper, grandfather carpenter. He's  born  on May 31, 1911,  little before the  1914-1918 war.  His father, taken  prisoner,  dies in Germany in 1915.  He will remain about it deeply marked and, in spite of his young age, he then swears to honour his name. He will keep his word.                                                

boutique-a.jpg (20221 octets) In spite of these difficult conditions and thanks to his admirable mother, he makes brilliant traditional studies with the "Lycée Lakanal" at Sceaux, then with the "Lycée Louis-le-Grand" . First part of baccalaureat Latin-Sciences in 1928. Second part in 1929 that he has the coquettery to pass twice : a baccalaureat Philosophy and a baccalaureat Mathématics. He's always first of his class, as well in letters as in sciences.  
Poly.jpg (4868 octets) At that time, he's fascinated by the History and plans to prepare the "Ecole des Chartes". His professors dissuade some and direct him towards the "Ecole Polytechnique" where he enters in 1931. He comes out   "major" in 1933 et chooses the Mines Corps. From 1934 to 1936, he carries out his schooling at the "Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Paris".
  After his military service carried out in the artillery corps at Fontainebleau, He begins his career in 1937 as Engineer with the Mines Administration at Nantes. His sector covers 5 départments. He must also deal with the control of the railroads.

When the war bursts in 1939, he his commanded to join the alpine troops to take the command of an artillery battery on the italian border in the area of Briançon. His war in fact will last the two only weeks separating the entry in war of Italy on June 10, 1940 and the armistice of June 25, 1940. He returns to Nantes until 1943, and is then named in Paris, Director of the Office of Mining Documentation,   post that he  will occupy until 1948.  He will be Research Director at the CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique) as from 1946 until his retirement in 1980. In the year 1949, he obtains the title of Doctor Engineer of the  Sciences Paris University.

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