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   His passion for Theoretical and Experimental Physics is better known. His reflexions on fundamental physics go back to his passage to the Polytechnic School. If the "Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique"  [National Scientific Research Center] had existed at that time, it is moreover probable that it would have directed his career exclusively towards the sciences.



   From 1953, he  carries out a series of experiments on the light velocity and the gravitation in one laboratory provided by the "Institut de Recherches Sidérurgiques" [Institute of Research of Iron and Steel Industry] (IRSID) at Saint-Germain-en Laye. These experiments, led until 1959, led it to discover an unsuspected phenomenon, that NASA baptized "Allais' effect",  who is likely to make certain corrections to the Theory of general relativity of Einstein. We further speak about it ..






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    Maurice Allais  is also impassioned of the European adventure. He has some lived all the evolution since the first steps of Jean Monnet and Robert Schumann in 1951. His work is impregnated. In 1963-1964, he governed at Brussels a Committee of Experts charged to work on the tariff policy of Transports.  But he deplores the errors of economic policy which were made in the drafting of the Treaty of Rome and of the following treaties, and which obscure the future. He's violently against the policy of currently followed Globalization, which can lead us to one disaster. We speak further about his last work on Globalization.


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