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Following page Michèle Alliot-Marie
President of "Rassemblement pour la République"
Letter dated march, 30,  2000 to Michel Gendrot
" ....  I noted your reflexions and your fears. The universalization of the exchanges and the globalization of the world economy are facts that one can regret but not prevent. One can however channel them and reduce their negative aspects.

     It is not true to claim that the European Union does not resist the American pressures. It showed it, fortunately, several times.

    In parallel, we must look further into the economic bonds between the States of the Union and prepare the entry of those which aspire to join us.

     I made a point of specifying you our position.


Michel Gendrot
Ingénieur civil du Génie Maritime
Opinion expressed in March 2000 to fifty french personalities of the Government and of the  political, financial, industrial, trade-union, press and television world

"  Contradictions of Brussels   

    At the time of the installation of the €uro, the European authorities – rightly – decided that the passage to the common currency could relate to only the States respecting certain criteria of convergence, inter alia: ceiling of inflation, ratios of the debt, the public deficit, etc… These rules were necessary not only for the coherence and the solidity of the common currency, but also to obtain between the states of the  €uro zone an harmonization of the competition.

    But, simultaneously, as one has just seen it at the time of the fiasco of the O.M.C. in Seattle and even more recently in Davos, these same European authorities, are practically subjected to the will of the U.S.A. and move towards a generalized universalization.     How not to realize that these two attitudes are rigorously contradictory and not compatible!… On one hand and rightly, one makes in kind harmonize competition inside the Union, so that it is honest and constructive and likely to cause a healthy growth being based on 300 million inhabitants. On the other hand, one makes competition unbearable, unfair and destroying with the rest of the world. That exceeds understanding. The Commission of Brussels would like to destroy Europe that it would not proceed differently. Are they insane,  plug or inefficient? Our French politicians are favourable to the construction of Europe. They must become aware of this fundamental contradiction.  The mondialists are anti-Europeans [...]   

     One can be assured that, in such a circumstance, General de Gaulle would not have made such a  so coarse error and so opposite with the interests of France and Europe. Isn't he who had delayed the entry of Great Britain in the Common Market for the reason that this country was too savagely a free-trader? With sure blow, he would have been put across the O.M.C. and, once more, he would have dared to say: No "...

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