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Following page Pascal Lamy
European Commissionner in charge of Foreign Trading
Letter dated march, 7,  2000 to Michel Gendrot
"...  I share your analysis according to which we should not naively yield to the sirens of an uncontrolled opening of our borders. At the head of the Foreign trading Department of European Commision , I endeavour to organize this opening in a direction which is the most favourable possible to our companies and our employment. It is this " controlled " opening which enables us to gain great successes with export in sectors like telecommunications, aeronautics or  luxury goods industries where very many SME animate our industrial steps"....


Marc Blondel
Général Secretary of  Syndicate "Force Ouvrière"
Letter dated february, 7,  2000 to Michel Gendrot
"   I took note of your article "Moulinex and Maurice Allais".  May I  be authorized to indicate to you that the analyses of this economist - Nobel Prize of 1988 - are not unknown for us and that  we take  them into account.
    Personally, I do not hesitate to question myself publicly over the behavior of the national political leaders  (including in the industrialized countries) as regards globalization, so much so that I fear, in the long term, occurence of schisms between the behavior of the Prime Ministers and the universal vote, which would pose the
problem of democracy.
    In addition, I do not miss an occasion to write that Europe is an advanced  element of liberalism of the Anglo-Saxon type: the will of deregulation and the social dumping  used as adjustment mean confirm this judgement.
    I have the honour to take part in the activities of the International Office of Travail,  as a member of the Board of Directors in the accordance with the French workers. It is a subject which we tackle regularly [....]    But this kind of question interests only moderately the information media which are more on daily facts than on the fundamental subjects".


François Hollande
First Secretary of  french "Parti socialiste"
Letter dated february, 29,  2000 to Michel Gendrot
    "The point of view that you expose on globalization is very interesting, and very relevant in my  point of view. Like you, I think indeed that, without making globalization a scarecrow and protectionism a solution, we must defend within organizations readily unregulator like OMC, the principles of European construction. The mobilization of the trade-union organizations in Seattle is a positive sign of this awakening that you call your wishes. I do not doubt that it will be still reinforced  in the future".


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