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Following page   Maurice Allais stripped the French statistics while taking as starting point the year 1950. Statistics in his possession generally go up to 1997.

The writer begins his analysis with a description, during this period, of the evolution of the economic situation in France, based on these statistics, and observes all the characteristics of them. He seeks the reasons which have led to the present situation.

   After having examined the french situation, he extends his analysis to Europe and the World, and builds what he estimates to be the best economic system for all.


  1.   ECONOMIC   EVOLUTION    OF  FRANCE   FROM 1950  TO 1997
      1.1   UNEMPLOYMENT
         There are officially nearly 3 million unemployed in France. In fact, social  treatment against unemployment eliminated from the statistics an about equal number people and, finally, the under-employment touches from 5 to 6 million personnes.
         Never in the past, France has been in peace-time in a so dramatic economic situation

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         This massive under-employment completely distorts the distribution of the incomes , worsens the social inequalities, while some grow rich unduly. It creates the insecurity and violence. It compromises the social advancement. Furthermore, one excessive  non-european immigration  is not without sapping the cohesion of the social body .
         The forces of social disintegration are much stronger today than those which prevailed before the French Revolution.
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