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       3.1   GENERAL
       Who, today, dare to call into question the globalization of the exchanges and says it is the cause of current unemployment is "politically uncorrect".  One regard him as one half-wit, animated by poor wretch nationalist prejudged, even xenophobes, and being unaware of all the economy.
       It is set up in postulate that the free and spontaneous operation of the markets lead obligatorily to an optimal situation for all countries and all social groups. This postulate woud be obvious and would not require any demonstration !..
          This result was obtained by an intensive bludgeoning of the opinion organized by medias with the pay of powerful international lobbies, followed by the remainder of the medias and the political men, which follow in without putting questions, and even glorify themselves  to be "liberal", thus confusing liberalism and  carelessness.
      One understands well why some want to impose the liberalization of trade. This system is very advantageous with some groups of privileged people. But while some get richer,  vital forces of the nation get poorer.  Furthermore, this conceipt involves the glorification of the worship of the money, supports the emergency of a wild capitalism, generate increasing inequalities, and therefore contributes  to moral disintegration. It testifies to a total ignorance of the economic conditions and ethics what implies an humanistic and really liberal society.


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