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   4.   THE  REMEDY



              The pseudo-remedies don't cease to prolifere.

-  For exemple, one says us that the unemployment would be less if one decreased the wages, and particularly those of the least qualified workers. That would not fail to put in danger the social peace and is practically impossible. The fact that great international organizations like OECD, OMC, IMF or the World Bank can recommend such a solution is quite simply overwhelming.

  -  It is alsol said to us that it is enough to reduce the working time. In addition to the fact that men are not perfectly substitutable the ones with the others, such a solution neglects the indisputable fact that too many needs remain dissatisfied. It is not while working less that one will be able to face them. Moreover, as the interested parties do not want to gain less, it will be necessary to compensate for the difference by increasing overcharges. Where is the advantage ?
  -  Others suggest the return to some inflation. To fight against the effects of world free-trade by a monetary expansion and inflation is an illusion and reflects  a major ignorance of the current situation which does not have anything common with the crisis of the Thirties.
            One can also notice that the recourse to these pseudo-solutions irrisistibly leads to   more and more interventionist and authoritative decisions who, automatically, lead to increasingly violent reactions.
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