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    The total liberalization of the exchanges on a worldwide scale, marked objective of OMC, must be regarded at the same time as unrealizable, as harmful and as undesirable. It is a gigantic and tragic mystification. Reality is that the Globalization is the major cause of the mass unemployment and the inequalities which do not have ceased developing. Moreover, the application of the new doctrines is accompanied  by the development of gigantic financial bubbles worsened by the potential instability of the worldwide financial and monetary system.
      The liberalization of trade is only possible, advantageous, and desirable  within the framework of regional groups of countries, economically and politically associated, grouping countries of comparable economic development, each  regional group protecting itself reasonably with respect to the others.
      It is necessary to completely reconsider our social policy and the means of reconciling ethics and effectiveness. We should radically revise the marketing policy  of the Organization of Brussels by basing it on the community preference, i.e. on a moderate protection  of the large  Community market. It is necessary for us to put an end to the system of floating exchanges and to control the international monetary system. We should reduce the foreign non-european working population  and to cure an excessive immigration.
      What precedes reveals the immense ditch which separates a rational analysis of the situation from mythologies of the established "truths" . There is no other explanation to the fact that all the policies implemented for 25 years have had failed. And one can predict quite certainly that the continuation of the current policy will lead to the destruction of our economy and the destruction of the French Nation. As Jacques Rueff said formerly: What must arrive, arrives.
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