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Ingénieur civil du Génie Maritime

     Opinion published in Le Figaro on december, 29  1999
    Since months, our Nobel Prize of economy, Maurice Allais, in very many articles published in Le Figaro, exposes his sights on what he thinks of being a serious error in the mondialist control  of the economy, such as it is practised by the European authorities with the approval
of France. He provides many arguments on this subject.
   The majority of the readers of Le Figaro are not sufficiently experts to formulate an opinion, but what strikes me is the total absence of echoes raised by these articles, especially from people who are said specialists as regards Economy. For the french government, the refusal to engage the dialogue appears me to cover a great embarrassment and indicates an opacity unworthy of a democratic behavior. The Frenchmen have the right to be informed and to know the arguments of the ones and the others. Those which are provided by Maurice Allais, and in particular the destruction of whole sides of the French economy, can be noted by all. He is surely right  on the short term. Is he wrong on the medium or long term?  Will we die cured?


Michel Gendrot

Ingénieur civil du Génie Maritime

  Opinion published in Le Figaro on january, 27  2000
   Moulinex and Maurice Allais
    The tribulations of the Moulinex company constitute an academic case which should give us well to think. In its last exercise, the company made a loss of   383 million francs . The leader of this company
is obliged to choose between the plague and the cholera. Either he continues to sell at a loss its excellent domestic irons and vacuum cleaners which are manufactured in France, and in this case it puts in danger the life of his company and moves towards the liquidation. Or he decides to make manufacture the domestic irons in Mexico and the vacuum cleaners in Poland, and in this case he saves his company, at least for a time. But in these two cases, it happens additional unemployed people. In any cases France plays loser.
    Maurice Allais - Nobel Prize of Economy 1988 - does not say anything else when he denounces the misdeeds of the globalization, done without brakes nor restraint, which destroys whole sides of our economy. How the French contractors could resist the competition of countries where the wages are up to 10 times lower than ours, without speaking about the farming where the difference can go from 1 to 50?  It is obviously impossible.
    One does not know for which reason, some people - and not the least ones - caricatured the thought of Maurice Allais while making him say than he wished a kind of autarky. These is completely false. I had the privilege to hear Maurice Allais recently. He is an European who simply preaches  a return to the European preference such as it was envisaged at the origin by the founders. His vision is that of a kind of " regionalization " of the world, where each area would be a zone similar to our European Union, made up of States of comparable social and economical standings.    Inside each area free trade would be total...


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